stop buying solo ads if you want to get quality leads and make more sales later

If you are buying solo ads to build your email list and want to make more sales from your affiliate products, keep reading this ...

Supposed that you paid $50 for 100 Tier 1 clicks, you got total 110 clicks(10% OD). If the opin rate is 45%, you get around 50 subscribers.

That means your cost is about 50/50 = $1 per subscriber. This is acceptable.

The problem is that most people are buying solo ads for list building, hence your subscribers may be in other people's lists as well.

When you send emails to your lists later, it's not easy to be read by your subscribers because they have received a ton of emails from other people as well.

Low open rate yields low click through rate and you will get less money if you will be promoting affiliate products.

Have you ever thought of this scenario?

Hence... having the quality AND exclusive leads is the important things to get consistent sales for you later.

There's a platform that is selling USA leads and the leads are sell only ONCE.

These leads are looking for business opportunities.

The cost per lead(CPL) is only $0.88. The more leads you buy, the lower CPL you will pay for.

If you want to know:

✔ How the leads are generated.
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✔ The founder's training videos on how to turn the leads into customer

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